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Silicone grease also lubricated frequently-switched gold or silver plated contacts, and low voltage signal level module contacts. Silicone grease was also used directly on high voltage CRT anode connectors to prevent or reduce corona. My second experience was in the CATV industry.

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I suspect a poor F connector - it is a frequent setup problem as the HDR-1000S only checks during initial setup. You will need to refit the F connectors - these need to make an electrical connection and they should be tight if the correct size for the cable was used. Here is a helpful page - Ignore the silicone grease on the internal connection.

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It’s really personal preference. Crimped connectors will be the most reliable (provided they are done correctly) and the strongest connector (vs. pull) but it requires specific tooling for crimping and stripping the cable and connector. Compr...

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Anybody got a good contact in the Chania area (south west) that does the sort of repair and set-up that Graeme Cook used to do, i.e. knows how to set up a Sky dish.

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My own dish has screw on f-plugs and a blob of silicone grease, never any problems over the last two years. Perfect reception. Amalgamating tape on a single or twin lnb is fine, but try it on a quad to wrap each output separately and I guarantee you will be ready to commit murder in a short time.

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Dear Cid, Thanks for the advice. We previously had a feed with the dual to the kitchen but never used it. With the olympics coming up there will be competition with the children as to what we watch and so I wanted to set a TV up in the kitchen.

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what about silicone grease, that's what i had recommended by an auto electrician. it about 2 or 3 quid from RS Yep - silicone grease does the same job. i use it now and again - I last saw it up in the bow I think. (The first aid locker is usually nearer :)).

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Sparky, the grease alluded to is silicone grease which is like---grease, & helps you create excellent F-Plug connections. Do not be tempted to use ordinary grease for this work. It is also available from Satcure.co.uk who could also provide with the correct size of F-Plug if you quote the exact outside diameter of your cable.

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Satcure recommend you push the prepared end into silicone grease and then screw on the f connector. If you have 4 connections to make, tape can be awkward I use lnb boots (slide them over the cable before fitting the f connector. Moulded Rubber Boot x 5 by electrosmart® for Weather: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

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Wanted: Non-Conducting Grease 09/23/2009 6:48 PM I use a lot of cat5 connectors, I am find corrosions in the female connectors, I have seen a white, clear grease that at&t uses on their telephone connectors to keep moisture out, trying to find out what it is? your help would be appreciated

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DIY : Installing an LNB for Freesat - help plz! Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Type_R, ... Also do I need a crimpler tool for the connectors to go on to the coaxial cable. Thanks Trust. Oct 30, 2010 at 2:02 PM #2. Syph. ... Problem with Satcure is a tube for silicone grease is £3.95 and add delivery comes to about £9!

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Hi The cable from the tv aerial on my roof comes down the outside of the building and then enters the sitting room through a hole drilled through the window frame.

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The topic ‘Cable help – need to remove Virgin Media TV plug so as to route cable outside’ is closed to new replies. Change the channel Select Site Singletrack Snow Singletrack Tech GritCX ...

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How to fit 'F' Connectors to coaxial cable. for UK Sky and Freesat and Virgin cable and US TV ... Reading your mention of silicone grease took me back to a radio programme I heard on the old BBC Radio London when Johnny Longdon was the engineer there and used to broadcast a technical session once a month. ... aerials and one of the BBC riggers ...

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I'm just installing the coaxial cable for the TV points which type is the most up to date ive some light brown at home and dark. brown also I will be running five coax cables into the loft Can anyone recommend a booster box to connect them to in the loft

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Those little rubber plug covers... airgunner23 0 Points. ... Inevitably, silicone, vaseline, or whatever will come into contact with your male electrical connectors, followed shortly by compromising the female connection. ... Actually in harsh conditions they fill connectors with grease to prevent corrosion. If the connectors are well made the ...

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I already have silicone grease so more won't be needed but thanks, anyway. It's an interesting possible solution which hadn't occurred to me (nor anyone else I'd asked) but it'd make me nervous to try it. Maybe I'm being a bit dense but, before I start spreading thin coats of grease everywhere, what, exactly, do you mean by 'contacts'?

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I have lived by the ocean all my life. I have never had a Sony electronic product fail. Things like bicycles and exercise equipment rusted very fast. The phone co surrounds all its connectors in a thick transparent glue if you live on the ocean. ...