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Meet Federal Regulations. Our food grade lubricants are NSF H-1 registered and meet the requirements for a USDA H-1 quality lubricant and the requirements of the United States Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR 178.3570, 178.3620(b), and 573.680 of the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Regulations.

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Schaeffer's and Total greases offered for all your needs. Available in hi-temp, synthetic, and food grade.

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EXPERIENCE THE SCHAEFFER'S OIL ADVANTAGE. Schaeffer's synthetic motor oils, hydraulic fluids, and diesel fuel additives have achieved a world-class reputation for improving engine performance and fuel economy, but our diverse product line includes all types of industrial lubricants, industrial greases, and industrial oils as well as specialty items like our chain lubes and degreasers.

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Further blended into No Tack Synthetic Food Grease H-1 is a unique blend of USDA and FDA acceptable preservatives. These food grade preservatives provide the product with an effective way to control, inhibit and retard the growth of bacteria, yeast and molds that may come into contact with No Tack Synthetic Food Grease H-1 during use.

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Royal Crown Tech AZ Grease is food grade grease designed specifically for lubrication of the wide range of applications in the food industry. This grease is formulated with an aluminum complex thickener and other permitted ingredients including base oils and additives to meet the stringent requirements of the food industry.

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This makes Schaeffer lubes ideal for hot (600º+) applications such as ovens, pellet mills and compressors. When It's Wet. Schaeffer food grade lubricants do not mix with water. Our grease resists wash out and rancidity. The oils will not emulsify. Extra demulsifiers in the oil drop water contamination to the bottom so it can be easily drained off.

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Schaeffer Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus is a superior diesel engine oil that provides improved soot handling capabilities, oxidation resistance and extended wear protection. Recommended for use in all types of diesel engines operating on both less than 500 ppm and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.

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Synthetic Food Grade Grease H-1 can be used in the lubrication of ball, roller, journal and sliding bearing applications and chain applications, where there is a chance of incidental contact with food, foodstuffs, drinking water, potable water or ground water may occur.

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Grease Friction is no match for these high grade greases. Fight the grind of equipment friction with Kendall ® ’s versatile, multipurpose greases. Manufactured with high-quality base oils, our greases have proven to resist water washout, and adhere to metal surfaces, while providing maximum shear stability and high film strength. ...

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Products > Schaeffer Oil > Food Grade Lubricants. ... A major U.S. Animal Feed Supplier compared Schaeffer's Synthetic Food Grade Grease to another leading specialty grease they were using. Wear particles were reduced dramatically from 60 micron-sized particles to 2 micron-sized particles. ... Schaeffer food grade lubricants do not mix with ...

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Schaeffer's Dependability. Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants: synthetic motor oils, hydraulic fluids, and diesel fuel additives have achieved a world-class reputation for improving engine performance and fuel economy, but our diverse product line includes all types of industrial lubricants, industrial greases, and industrial oils as well as specialty items like our chain lubes and degreasers.

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With our highly trained consultants, enhanced industrial and automotive lubricants, and comprehensive line of reliability products and services to keep your lubricants clean and dry, Lubrication Engineers can create solutions for any of your lubrication needs.

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Lubricants/Oil/Grease We offer a complete line of Schaeffer, Shell, and Purus lubricants. Call today at 608-723-4139 for more information. Products Engine Oils; Gear Oils Greases; Fuel Additives Metalworking Fluids and Rust Preventatives Hydraulic, Turbine, Compressor (HTC) Fluids Food Grade Greases and Fluids

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This excellent stay-in-grade performance means less lubricant applications, reduced maintenance costs and more worry-free production. See for yourself what others have experienced. Schaeffer’s gear lubes increase gearbox efficiency by reducing wear, gearbox operating temperatures and deposit formations.

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Buy 190E Schaeffer Penetro Green, Food Grade Chain Lube H-1 pump bottle, food grade lubricants, food grade grease at reasonable price. More info call 360-336-2319

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Food Grade Grease & Oil Solutions LE can help with your food grade oil and grease needs. When it comes to food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications, Lubrication Engineers food grade oil and food grade grease can play a significant role in preventing costly damage brought on by severe operating conditions.

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Schaeffer Oil products provide superior quality lubricants that include advanced additives for performance, friction modifiers for fuel economy and synthetics for extended lubricant life. Schaeffer is committed to manufacturing products that are not only cost effective, but environmentally responsible.

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Schaeffer. Schaeffer specializes in developing quality lubricants for vehicles used in the mining, construction, trucking, marine and farming industries as well as specialized lubricants and metalworking fluids for all types of machinery and equipment.